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Thursday, 26. June 2008
All about Battery Terminal
By Unknown (membership terminated), 11:38

Simple yet useful solutions to keep your car running smoothly are significant to ensure the longevity and safety of the car. One tip is to check or clean battery terminals.

A car battery is a type of rechargeable battery that supplies electric energy to an automobile. Automotive batteries typically have one of three types of terminals. It is the electrical contacts used to connect a load and charger to a single cell or multiple-cell battery.

Corrosion at the battery terminals can prevent a car from starting. Battery terminals should be inspected and cleaned twice a year, and if the terminals of cables are corroded, they should be replaced. If you open the hood of your car and examine the batteries, you can see the sticky substance, which is actually battery corrosion formed by acid condensation. This may cause the hiccupping of the car. With this condition, we can declare that it is time to clean your car battery terminals. Loose or just plain worn out battery terminals may also cause the battery not to charge and later on die a slow death.

Cleaning battery terminals regularly will assure your battery is always fully charged and will always turn on your ignition. Signs that it needs cleaning are a powdery corrosion surrounding the posts. Take time to clean them with a small wire brush or terminal cleaning tool. Finish it by removing corrosion dust with a small paintbrush. If they're too badly corroded, I guess its time to install a new terminal.


Friday, 06. June 2008
Hyundai Sonata Brings Home Interior Design Award
By Unknown (membership terminated), 05:47

Talk about classy and comfy interior, I guess no one can beat the 2009 Hyundai Sonata this time around! The all-new 2009 Hyundai Sonata is the most recent recipient of "Interior of the Year" award in the category of "Best Redesign" at the annual "Auto Interior of the Year Awards" carried out by Ward's AutoWorld magazine.

"This award is particularly gratifying for our team. We started with a world-class car, listened to customer feedback telling us they wanted an improved interior, and went to work to make the 2009 Hyundai Sonata stand up and stand out against every other car in its class," says Dan Vivian, director of Design Engineering.

The award-winning redesigned 2009 Hyundai Sonata was directed by an exeptional team at Hyundai's America Technical Center Inc. (HATCI) in Superior Township, Mich. The team’s job is to plan, develop and assess Hyundai products sold in North America. The 2009 Sonata was the first Hyundai product program headed by the team in North America. The Sonata is built at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama, in the vicinity of Montgomery.

"Talk about a comeback!" Ward's AutoWorld Editor-in-Chief Drew Winter writes on his Sonata scoresheet. "Hyundai has gone from mediocre to best-in-class with Sonata."

Ward's editors as well said that the new Sonata has the whole thing or the complete package a buyer wants in this daily-driver vehicle; a roomy back seat and trunk, first-rate ergonomics, cozy seats, finest-looking gauges, a lustrous sense of fashion and excellent materials. The 2009 Sonata’s cabin is affectionate and appealing like soothing afternoon snack at the end of a stressful day!


Wednesday, 21. May 2008
Car Air Conditioner
By Unknown (membership terminated), 10:55

Every person wants a comfortable feeling when driving especially in a long hours of driving trips, this comes the car air conditioner, one of the main factor when it comes to a relaxed experience inside a car while driving.

Some vehicles are outfitted by automatic climate control method to adjust the temperature within the vehicle routinely. The temperature control unit is a computer which supervises and regulates to a temperature positioned by the user. The temperature is loaded with a combination of freezing air from the air conditioner, and hot air from the warmer to get a preferred temperature. The blower motor speed is powered by a hard state speed controller. This stuff manages the rate of the blower motor and restores the usual blower motor resistor system.

Appropriate functioning of air conditioner is extremely significant for the comfort of the entire occupants in the vehicle. Particularly while driving in burning and moist weather, a good-quality air conditioner is required.

If you air conditioner is not providing preferred cooling, it might be because of following factors. First is dirty condenser, blockages, air or moisture contamination and lastly, the mechanical problem that embraces things like metering valve breakdowns, compressor broke, a compressor clutch that stops working, awful pressure switches, etc. Analyzing the trouble will need the abilities of an experienced A/C technician.

To preserve the efficiency, compressor drive belt must be check frequently. In case it is washed-out or collapsed it must be changed. The system's hoses must have a regular check up for weakening, bubbles, breaks and solidifying or oily deposits. These could be marks of leak. The right refrigerant charge be supposed to maintained, inferior system refrigerant charge is a ordinary basis of a ineffective AC system.



Head lights and Tail lights
By Unknown (membership terminated), 07:29

The lights in and all around your car are not just an ease they are a protection and safety preventative measure. Most lights on your automobile must be functioning at all times, if fact it's not in favor in the law for any outer illumination on your vehicle not to be functioning. It was made by the company to work on your automobile, so it should work at all the time. Have regular maintenance and check-up for your car to guarantee the right procedure for your car lights.

For all times, check headlight function especially at night and in a dark garage. First look over the headlight lens for damage as well as clearness, after that turn on the headlights, this headlight be supposed to shine clear. If you think a headlight bulb has damage you can do a basics tip before you replace it like, first, verify if your headlight bulb is sealed beam or composite. Nearly all vehicles and trucks these days have composite lenses with simple to change headlight bulb. Then take out the retainer that grips the bulb in the headlight covering, change bulb with new item and rebuild, recheck procedure operation.

There are many common problems in headlights and tail lights issue like the bulbs burns out and does not work, incorrect bulb replacement causing system circuits or incorrect operation and lastly bad light socket ground causing the bulb to create dark light.

Overall the 4 steps are very significant to perform about your car lights are, Check Headlight Operation, Check tail light, side marker, reverse, running light and stop light bulbs, Check third or upper brake light and last is Checking emergency flashers or hazard lights.


Wednesday, 14. May 2008
Brakes and Calipers
By Unknown (membership terminated), 04:17

All of us recognize that the brakes are the one part that we cannot live without, everyone requires them on all vehicles. Brake tune-up can be overpriced if you are not aware and not know anything about it. Most of the brakes on sale for about $38.95 are frequently the factor to get you in the deal, this is not how many local repair shop, mechanics and tech guy work but several do. Brakes are frequently in need to be check-up, therefore, be careful for the overpricing on this repair.

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Brakes are sold followed by the drums or rotors are damaged, the wheel cylinders and calipers breaks, brake parts is bad, axle seal also leaking, most of these stuffs are for sure connected with the "Brake Parts", have the a good mechanic demonstrate the worn out rotors or drums, have him explain the leaking seal, caliper, wheel cylinder parts related to brakes. The leaking seal will contain wetness on just about every piece close to it.

For calipers, if a “brake pull” is practiced have the situation looked at, it is likely that an alignment trouble can produce a brake pull, and just put in mind that when you perform braking even if you are on a crowned street surface as this effect is a usual condition. If the circumstances still continue, the caliper can be attributed to the cause.

Damaged or unfastened caliper mounting bolts or further fastening parts can make a “brake pull”, moldy bushings and steering knuckle sliding surfaces are example and possibility that you have a problem. It is recommended to be check. Your hired technician must already be alert of this and take suitable act to take away the corrosion or debris as necessary, and generally changing the entire caliper is not the answer.


Wednesday, 07. May 2008
Major Car Safety Tips
By Unknown (membership terminated), 09:42

Vehicle safety and protection is one of the important matters we all can learn from. A lot of times, injuries, mistakes and accidents can be prevented by just following and performing a few easy rules.

Warning Lights

Always watch your gauges, by identifying a problem can early mean difference in a simple repairing and a costly. Make sure to check all brake lights, Day time running lights and generally, the head lights.

Vital Fluids

For all times be sure that your oil is regularly changed and is in complete mark. The indicator of pressures must be in the normal range at any time or have proved it right away.


Always maintain the recommended tire pressure by pneumatic tube, never over-fill your tires. When you go long distance or go across the dessert, your tires collect the pressure of additional letter by pneumatic tube. Never go out with under tires filled either. Your tires need the tire pressure to provide better driving and in order to necessary stability in the side wall, to enhance your car driving capability.

Seat Belts

Every time you’re on the road always use your seat belts which you have in car. As the driver, it is your main duty that each in your car is safely fastened or tied. Belt shoulder is also is very important that’s conjuncts within the lap belts. They were planned to work each other.

Air Bags

Make sure that the air bag is in good level and connected up by driving, if your light of air bag is blinking it is because your air bag is not operational. 


Most of the drivers face with more entertainment today than ever before. The cell telephones, receivers, walkie talkies and even the car audio make driving the one of the priority. Try to minimize these and a lot of other obvious entertainment, therefore your following on-road driving will be a safe and sound.

Emergency Road Kits

Every single vehicle should be prepared with enough stock of fundamental supplies. Examples are medical gauzes, band aids, pack of bandage, antibiotic, Neosporin, medical tape, cold packs and many more.

Sun Reflections / Glare

Every sunrise, sunset, soaring lights coming from other vehicles presents unique problems. Morning frost and glare can make windshields difficult to see thru. Make sure to thoroughly defrost all your windows before driving. Unclean windshields create a similar problem. Make it a habit to have your windshield cleaned when you loading a gas. Small squeegees and a small quantity of soap give you a good idea to clean windows.


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Based on my experience, these regular maintenance or important matters I kept on my mind and make it a rule to myself for my everyday routine is a big help for me keeping my car to live for years.  Anyone should also check and perform this guide to ensure the safety on all driving session.



Saturday, 23. February 2008
To Prevent Traffic Accidents, Share The Road
By Unknown (membership terminated), 11:34

Imagine this. About 3, 365 people were killed due to traffic crashes in Florida in 2006.  What a tragedy!  That is based from records provided by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

To prevent loss of more lives because of road accidents, the American Trucking Association National, which is composed of professional truck drivers, began its Share the Road Highway safety tour last February 15.  This activity, done during the Jacksonville Auto Show, gives an avenue for these professional drivers to share their knowledge on how to evade from traffic accidents particularly on how to safely share the road with large trucks, a PR Newswire report said.

According to Dennis Day, one of the speakers during the program who travels from Atlanta and Jacksonville for his route, said that it was his pleasure to help educate the motoring public with whom he interacts with everyday. 

“Hopefully, we’ll teach the attendees the importance of passing safely, maintaining a safe speed and keeping a minimum following distance, so we can all get home safely to our families,”  Day said.

Meanwhile, Chris Serviss, also a speaker during the event, said that the “Share the Road” project gave him an opportunity to give people some life-saving advice.  He added that through it, automobile drivers gained awareness on how to avoid crashes especially by determining the blind spots.

“This information and other safety advice will help everyone to share the roads safely,” Serviss said.

Share the Road’s safety demonstration lasted for more than a week excluding special arrangements and highway “ride-along” with the media.



Saturday, 16. February 2008
Senate Enacts Auto Safety Measures
By Unknown (membership terminated), 10:49

You might’ve been elated to know the Congress isn’t neglecting auto safety as much as other state concerns. On Thursday, the august body sent Pres. Bush to improve auto safety legislation for kids. The bill includes measures to slash backovers and accidents caused by power windows and the like.

The legislation aims to respond to the call for enhanced auto safety involving kids. Earlier, it was reported that a number of children have been accidentally backed over by cars with large blind spots, strangled by power windows or struck by vehicles that roll out of the parked position.

The bill requires automakers lineup starting 2010 to have brake interlock systems, an auto feature that prevent vehicles from shifting out of park unless the driver step on the brake pedal. To respond to backovers, upcoming vehicles are expected to offer additional mirrors, cameras, and sensor devices to help decrease blind spots.

What’s more, the bill requires the government to study a power window auto-reverse safety standard to avoid kids from getting caught in the windows. The latter is responsible for a significant number of non-traffic deaths and injuries. Sen. John Sununu, R-N.H., noted that an estimated 230 children were killed last year in so-called "non-traffic" accidents and said he was hopeful the bill would "reduce this unnecessary loss of life."

Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla, added, “We have the technology to prevent these deaths, it just needs to be put to use.”

Congress amassed high praises from safety advocates. "We love our kids and this is something that is going to protect them," said Janette Fennell, who founded Kids and Cars, an auto safety group which sought the measure.

The bill sponsored by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., was named after Cameron Gulbransen, a 2-year-old New York boy who was killed when his father accidentally backed over him in his driveway. "With this legislation we honor his memory, and the memory of all children taken from us by these tragic and preventable auto accidents," Clinton said in an interview.

Dave McCurdy, president of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, told the Associated Press it would build upon the safety equipment being installed by automakers such as ESC and additional air bags.


Saturday, 09. February 2008
Wrong Fuel? Relax
By Unknown (membership terminated), 03:05

Did you place the wrong fuel in the gas tank? This may be the worst situation you could possibly encounter during a stopover in a gas station for a refill. You’d probably talk to yourself and say, “Damn it! You are so stupid!” It can instantly get under your nerves and just like that, an extra problem shoots in your bag! This kind of scenario seldom happens, but of course, we need to be a little more careful to prevent this kind of situation for this is a driver’s worst nightmare.

If you filled up the tank with the wrong type of fuel instead of diesel or unleaded, don’t get too worried about it and don’t blame yourself because it might just give you wrinkles and gray hair. Anyway, here are some useful steps to follow when this thing happens to you. Draining your fuel tank is the best solution!

1. Keep your cool. It’s a stupid mistake, I know! Just remain calm and save your energy.

2. Your tank most possibly has a valve that shut in when the engine is not guzzling fuel. This is to avoid fire from returning to the tank, and to avoid leaks. So you it is required to place some pressure in the tank so the diesel/gasoline is gusted out, like in needles. The old technique of putting a garden hose down your tank to use gravity to drain the tank doesn’t obtain all the fuel out and is muddled.

3. Get rid of the hose from before the diesel/gas filter AND the put back hose from the diesel pump and put both into a tank that can handle fuel.

4. All we need to do now is to put pressure in the tank. Gas stations have air outputs where you can fill air in your tires. The idea is to use it to blow air into the tank from the gas refill hole so the fuel comes out on the engine side of the tank.

5. This is done by buying a spare tank lid and drilling a hole through it, and fitting the air refiller in the hole, and blow some serious air into the tank. You will now see the gasoline/diesel come out of the hose you removed from the input of the diesel/petrol filter. Keep on making pressure until your tank is empty.


Wednesday, 09. January 2008
Seeing Blue?
By Unknown (membership terminated), 06:01

You might like the color blue.  It might be the color of your house or your preferred car color.  But if you see blue smoke coming from your car's tailpipe, you should start worrying.

Yahoo! Autos has this article about seeing blue smoke.  According to the article, blue smoke means you car is burning oil and that's a big no-no.  What that means is this: "your engine has worn valve guides, piston rings An engine that burns a lot of oil (more than a quart in 500 miles) is an engine that needs to be overhauled. Normal oil consumption should be a quart or less in 1500 miles. Most newer engines consume less than half a quart of oil between oil changes (every 3000 miles). So if your engine is burning oil, it’s essentially worn out and needs to be repaired."

This does not only damage your engine but also the environment.  Even gasoline which has already been purified produces greenhouse gases when burned, what would you expect from engine oil?

The article continued:  "Because the cost of overhauling or replacing an engine often exceeds the value of an older car or truck, many people will just keep on driving a 'mosquito fogger' in spite of the blue clouds of smoke it leaves behind. Never mind the pollution it causes, oil is cheaper than a new or rebuilt engine they reason. That philosophy may be okay if you live out in the sticks somewhere. But in urban areas that require periodic vehicle emissions testing, an engine that’s burning oil usually won’t pass the test because of excessive hydrocarbon (HC) emissions. You may get by on a waiver after you’ve spent some money (in vain) on a tune-up, but the fact remains you’re still a polluter."

So if your car is emitting blue smoke, it is better if you have its engine repaired right away or it is time for you to buy another vehicle.


Thursday, 03. January 2008
Safety First
By Unknown (membership terminated), 03:43

Are you planning to replace your battery? Work on your brakes?  If you are then I am sure that you will have to get your hands dirty.  But that's not the only thing that you should think about.  Working on a vehicle especially if it involves having to turn on the engine is potentially dangerous.  Thus, there are things that you have to have in mind when working on your vehicle.

And according to this site, here they are:

•    Don’t smoke when working on any fuel related components (fuel filter, carburetor, fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel tank or fuel lines). Better yet, don’t smoke at all. It’s bad for your health!
•    Have a fire extinguisher nearby just in case. The fire extinguisher should have a "B" (liquids & grease fires) and "C" (electrical fires) rating.
•    Don’t smoke or get any sparks near the battery. Batteries contain hydrogen gas which is very explosive.
•    Never crawl under an improperly supported vehicle. In other words, don’t trust a jack alone to hold the vehicle up.
•    Always use a pair of support stands positioned underneath the vehicle to keep it from falling on you. Make sure the support stands are of sufficient strength to hold up the vehicle’s weight, too. Don’t use blocks of wood, boxes, wheels or bricks for supports because these may slip or collapse and allow the vehicle to fall.
•    Never disconnect or unplug any electrical connector while the engine is running or the key is in the "on" position (unless specifically instructed to do so as part of a diagnostic procedure in a shop manual). Unplugging connectors while current is flowing through them creates a voltage spike that can damage sensitive and expensive electronic components.
•    Watch out for the drive belts, pulleys, fan and other moving parts when working under the hood if the engine is running.
•    Watch out for hot stuff, too. If the engine is running or the vehicle has been driven within the past half hour or so, the engine, radiator, exhaust manifolds, catalytic converter, muffler and pipes will be hot.

So there you are, have a good one.


Friday, 28. December 2007
Best Resale Value Vehicles
By Unknown (membership terminated), 02:37

Sure, we want vehicles with the best resale value. Simply, we don’t want our money to deteriorate along with the usual wear and tear. To note, regardless of sticker price, vehicles that are rare, performance-minded, and fun to drive have the highest resale values in the auto industry.

The 10 cars with the highest resale value share at least one thing in common, whether they cost $16,000 or $160,000: Most of them skew more toward fun than practicality, said Forbes. The majority of vehicles on Forbes previous ranking of the Top 10 Luxury Cars With the Highest Resale Value are the priciest, fastest, and least practical around. Opening up our new list to all cars keeps a few expensive rides in play, but not as many as you might think.

“There are a lot of 2-doors on this list,” says Larry Batton, president of the Auto Appraisal Group. In fact, all but three vehicles on the list, the Cadillac Escalade, Honda Civic Si, and VW Rabbit are only available in 2-door body styles. The rest of the list includes vehicles like the BMW M6, Chevrolet Corvette Z06, and Mini Cooper S.


All but 2 vehicles on the list, the Cadillac Escalade and VW Rabbit, are designed for driving thrill. “A solid number of cars on the list emphasize good performance at a reasonable price,” says Eric Ibara, director of market valuation at Kelley Blue Book, the company that provided resale value data on which our list is based. He singled out the Honda Civic Si, Mini Cooper S, Pontiac Solstice, and Saturn Sky as examples of affordable cars that are rewarding to drive. We also think that the Scion tC has a high fun factor.


Forbes’ previous best- and worst-resale-values lists for luxury cars reflect the link between how rare a vehicle is and how well it holds value over time. “Membership into an exclusive club of limited-run cars” is a major boon for resale value, Ibara says. Two vehicles on this latest list — the BMW M6 and Porsche 911 GT3 — are in that club.

Vehicles with loads of personality also dominate the list, from the curvy Solstice and Sky drop-tops to the customizable Mini Cooper S and Scion tC. “People are seeing great value in these ‘statement vehicles,” Ibara says, even if the cachet they command isn’t based on price.


With plenty of superb luxury cars flooding the market, it’s worth stressing that many of the vehicles on this list have prices below $30,000. One reason for this is that the lower the starting price, the less opportunity it has to decline.

Another factor is that some cars lose a lot of their resale value because of technology features that become obsolete, and lower-priced cars tend to have fewer of such amenities. For instance, when vehicles with older in-dash navigation systems are replaced by those with slicker, updated units, the older cars drop further in value. However, lower-priced cars usually forgo high-tech gadgets and include mostly basic, vital features.


[via: Forbes]


Thursday, 27. December 2007
Dirty Injectors
By Unknown (membership terminated), 02:44

Fuel injectors are sometimes said to be dirty and thus will need cleaning.  But actually, it should not be called dirty as dirt rarely clogs up a fuel injector.  What causes the holdup is the buildup of fuel varnish deposits in the orifice of the injectors. When this happens, the fuel injector will only be able to supply very little fuel for the engine to burn.  Thus it is imperative that you should keep your fuel injectors clean.  How can you do this?

This site offers these tips:
  • The best way to minimize or eliminate the need for injector cleaning is to use a quality brand of gasoline that contains sufficient detergent to prevent varnish buildup. Most brand name gasolines today have enough detergent to do this. As a rule, premium grades usually contain a somewhat higher concentration of cleaners.
  • You can also use fuel tank additives to keep your injectors clean. Such products really aren’t necessary if you’re using quality gasoline. But if you’re buying the cheapest gas you can find, using an additive might be good insurance.

There are also two ways to clean up your car's fuel injectors - the on car and the off car ways.  The first one involves using solvent.  According to our source:  "On-car injector cleaning involves feeding solvent under pressure into the injector fuel rail or supply line. The concentrated solvent passes through the injectors and loosens and washes away the accumulated varnish deposits. The results are usually good, and make a noticeable difference in idle smoothness, emissions and fuel economy."

The other way on the other hand is described as:  "If your injectors are really clogged and fail to respond well to on-car cleaning, off-car cleaning using special fuel injection cleaning equipment would be the next logical option. Some of this equipment is designed to 'reverse' flush the injectors so any debris that’s trapped inside the injector or above the inlet screen will also be removed. Off-car cleaning also allows a mechanic to observe the spray pattern of the injectors to make sure there aren’t any streamers or problems. Off-car cleaning is more expensive because of the labor involved to remove the injectors, but the results are usually better."


Saturday, 15. December 2007
The Best Deals For December!
By Unknown (membership terminated), 03:03

I just can’t wait to give you's best deals for December! So here it is! Dig in with the complete list provided by The Auto Channel:


  • Subcompact Car: MINI Cooper Hatchback
  • Compact Car over $16,000: Honda Civic Hybrid
  • Compact Car under $16,000: Honda Civic Sedan
  • Midsize Car over $21,000: Toyota Prius
  • Midsize Car under $21,000: Toyota Prius
  • Convertible: MINI Cooper Convertible
  • Luxury Convertible: Audi A4 Convertible
  • Near Luxury Car: BMW 3 Series Sedan
  • Luxury Car: Lexus ES
  • Large Car: Toyota Avalon
  • Base Sport Car: Volkswagen GTI 2-door
  • Sport Car: Chevrolet Corvette
  • Sport Sedan/Wagon over $38,000: Lexus GS Hybrid
  • Sport Sedan Wagon under $38,000: Infiniti G35 Sport Sedan
  • Compact Utility/Crossover: Ford Escape Hybrid
  • Midsize Crossover Toyota: Highlander Hybrid
  • Luxury Crossover: Lexus RX 400h
  • Small Wagon: Toyota Matrix
  • Midsize/Large Wagon: Subaru Outback Wagon
  • Intermediate Utility: Hummer H3
  • Full-Size Utility: GMC Yukon
  • Luxury Utility: Lexus GX
  • Minivan: Honda Odyssey
  • Full-Size Passenger Van: Ford E150 Passenger Van
  • Full Size Cargo Van: Chevrolet Uplander Cargo Van
  • Compact Pickup Truck 2WD: Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab 2WD
  • Compact Pickup Truck 4WD: Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab 4WD
  • 2WD 1/2 Ton Full-Size Pickup Truck: Toyota Tundra Regular Cab 2WD
  • 2WD 3/4 Ton Full-Size Pickup Truck: Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab 2WD
  • 2WD One Ton Full-Size Pickup Truck: Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD Crew Cab 2WD
  • 4WD 1/2 Ton Full-Size Pickup Truck: Toyota Tundra Regular Cab 4 WD
  • 4WD 3/4 Ton Full-Size Pickup Truck: Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab 4WD
  • 4WD One Ton Full-Size Pickup Truck: Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD Crew Cab 4WD


Friday, 14. December 2007
Volkswagen Of America Renamed
By Unknown (membership terminated), 07:56

Europe's largest automaker is not only successful in the said continent but also in North America.  Volkswagen has been widely successful in Europe, in Asian countries, and in the United States.  The iconic Beetle made the brand very popular.  But unknown to many, Volkswagen is not just about Volkswagen cars. Actually, Volkswagen own Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and of course, Volkswagen just like Ford owns Mercury, Lincoln, Volvo Cars, Jaguar, and Land Rover.

Thus, the automaker has decided to change the name of their American arm from Volkswagen of America to Volkswagen Group of America.  This is to better reflect the fact that Volkswagen AG is a collection of auto brands.

Stefan Jacoby, president and chief executive officer of Volkswagen had this to say according to The Auto Channel: "Our company, like the entire Volkswagen Group, has grown dramatically since our formation in the United States in 1955. Our new corporate name allows our individual brands to flourish, while recognizing that we have a common support structure that gives us great strength as we face our competitors."

"The new name Volkswagen Group of America reflects the much wider array of goods and services we now offer, and prepares us for even more activities in the future," he added.

Although everything seems to be looking good for the automaker, that does not seem to be the case regarding its issues with Porsche.  The latter has expressed their intention of mounting a hostile takeover of Europe's largest automaker. With the Volkswagen law, now trashed by the European Union, Porsche is one step closer to acquiring the majority stakes of Volkswagen AG. If Porsche succeeds, would their American arm then be named Porsche Group of America?  Well, that remains to be seen as everything seems to be quiet regarding that issue.


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